3-star Boutique Hotel with pool in Toulon

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Toulon-Hyères airport is located 20 km from the hotel.

There, you may:

The high-speed train (TGV) station is located 700 metres (9 minutes walk) from the hotel.

The rooms are available from 2 pm.

Check-out is before 12 pm.

Early check-in / Late check-out with an extra charge of 30€.

A luggage room reserved for hotel guests is available free of charge.

A secure Q Park Peiresc public car park is available 50 metres from the hotel.

As a guest of the hotel you will benefit from preferential ratesReservation www.q-park.fr/fr-fr/villes/toulon

Free parking in the pedestrian area of the hotel is accepted from 7 pm to 9 am.
Free parking in the city centre from 7 pm to 9 am, and all day on Sundays and public holidays.

The most common way to park is directly in Q-Park Peiresc car park (pedestrian exit on Rue Corneille, 50 metres from the hotel).

To book your parking : www.q-park.fr/fr-fr/villes/toulon/

If you just want to drop off your luggage and leave, you can park for 15 minutes in front of the hotel. A receptionist will welcome you and give you access.

The rooftop is available to hotel guests and their guests by reservation and depending on availability. The hotel bar is open to anyone (reservation required). The rooftop can be made private for an evening or day event. Finally, we sometimes organise “Breakfast with pool access” events to give the opportunity to Toulon residents to visit us. Information and reservations on the events page of our website and on social media!

The hotel is located in the heart of Toulon, in the immediate vicinity of the Tourist Office, shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, etc.

The marina is located 500 meters from the hotel (5 minutes on foot).

The ferry terminal (Corsica departure, cruises, etc.) is located 5 minutes by car (1.2 km).

You can easily go to the beaches near the hotel.

You can go to Les Sablettes beaches by boat-bus from Toulon marina: Boat-bus lines – Réseau Mistralnetwork

You can go to Mourillon beaches and Magaud bay by bus from the hotel (bus numbers 3 & 23): Timetable – Réseau Mistral network

In season, the hotel has a Tapas – Bar on the Rooftop. There, you can enjoy quality local products and a unique and intimate atmosphere by the water.

Grand Hôtel Dauphiné offers a sweet and savoury buffet breakfast, with scrambled eggs and bacon. More information and details on our page here.

It is possible to order a breakfast to take away the day before.

The hotel does not have a restaurant. Our receptionists will be happy to recommend you a restaurant around the hotel.  However, the hotel can cater for your group bookings and events.

Yes, you just have to request for it when you make your reservation or before arriving at the hotel. This service is free of charge.